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class:KerberosCredMessage [NONE]

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    public final class KerberosCredMessage
    extends Object
    implements Destroyable
    This class encapsulates a Kerberos 5 KRB_CRED message which can be used to send Kerberos credentials from one principal to another.

    A KRB_CRED message is defined in Section 5.8.1 of the Kerberos Protocol Specification (RFC 4120 ) as:

        KRB-CRED        ::= [APPLICATION 22] SEQUENCE {
                pvno            [0] INTEGER (5),
                msg-type        [1] INTEGER (22),
                tickets         [2] SEQUENCE OF Ticket,
                enc-part        [3] EncryptedData -- EncKrbCredPart


constructor:<init>(,,byte[]) [NONE]

  • KerberosCredMessage

    public KerberosCredMessage​(KerberosPrincipal sender,
                               KerberosPrincipal recipient,
                               byte[] message)
    Constructs a KerberosCredMessage object.

    The contents of the message argument are copied; subsequent modification of the byte array does not affect the newly created object.

    sender - the sender of the message
    recipient - the recipient of the message
    message - the DER encoded KRB_CRED message
    NullPointerException - if any of sender, recipient or message is null

method:getEncoded() [NONE]

  • getEncoded

    public byte[] getEncoded()
    Returns the DER encoded form of the KRB_CRED message.
    a newly allocated byte array that contains the encoded form
    IllegalStateException - if the object is destroyed

method:getSender() [NONE]

method:getRecipient() [NONE]

method:destroy() [NONE]

  • destroy

    public void destroy()
    Destroys this object by clearing out the message.
    Specified by:
    destroy in interface Destroyable

method:isDestroyed() [NONE]

  • isDestroyed

    public boolean isDestroyed()
    Description copied from interface: Destroyable
    Determine if this Object has been destroyed.
    Specified by:
    isDestroyed in interface Destroyable
    true if this Object has been destroyed, false otherwise.

method:toString() [NONE]

  • toString

    public String toString()
    Returns an informative textual representation of this KerberosCredMessage.
    toString in class Object
    an informative textual representation of this KerberosCredMessage.

method:hashCode() [NONE]

method:equals(java.lang.Object) [NONE]

  • equals

    public boolean equals​(Object other)
    Compares the specified object with this KerberosCredMessage for equality. Returns true if the given object is also a KerberosCredMessage and the two KerberosCredMessage instances are equivalent. More formally two KerberosCredMessage instances are equal if they have equal sender, recipient, and encoded KRB_CRED messages. A destroyed KerberosCredMessage object is only equal to itself.
    equals in class Object
    other - the object to compare to
    true if the specified object is equal to this KerberosCredMessage, false otherwise.
    See Also:
    Object.hashCode(), HashMap

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