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class:PrintServiceAttributeEvent [NONE]

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    public class PrintServiceAttributeEvent
    extends PrintEvent
    Class PrintServiceAttributeEvent encapsulates an event a Print Service instance reports to let the client know of changes in the print service state.
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    Serialized Form

constructor:<init>(javax.print.PrintService,javax.print.attribute.PrintServiceAttributeSet) [NONE]

  • PrintServiceAttributeEvent

    public PrintServiceAttributeEvent​(PrintService source,
                                      PrintServiceAttributeSet attributes)
    Constructs a PrintServiceAttributeEvent object.
    source - the print job generating this event
    attributes - the attribute changes being reported
    IllegalArgumentException - if source is null

method:getPrintService() [NONE]

  • getPrintService

    public PrintService getPrintService()
    Returns the print service.
    PrintService object

method:getAttributes() [NONE]

  • getAttributes

    public PrintServiceAttributeSet getAttributes()
    Determine the printing service attributes that changed and their new values.
    attributes containing the new values for the service attributes that changed. The returned set may be unmodifiable.

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