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class:UnsolicitedNotificationEvent [NONE]

constructor:<init>(java.lang.Object,javax.naming.ldap.UnsolicitedNotification) [NONE]

  • UnsolicitedNotificationEvent

    public UnsolicitedNotificationEvent​(Object src,
                                        UnsolicitedNotification notice)
    Constructs a new instance of UnsolicitedNotificationEvent.
    src - The non-null source that fired the event.
    notice - The non-null unsolicited notification.

method:getNotification() [NONE]

  • getNotification

    public UnsolicitedNotification getNotification()
    Returns the unsolicited notification.
    The non-null unsolicited notification that caused this event to be fired.

method:dispatch(javax.naming.ldap.UnsolicitedNotificationListener) [NONE]

  • dispatch

    public void dispatch​(UnsolicitedNotificationListener listener)
    Invokes the notificationReceived() method on a listener using this event.
    listener - The non-null listener on which to invoke notificationReceived.

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