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class:PartialResultException [NONE]

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    public class PartialResultException
    extends NamingException
    This exception is thrown to indicate that the result being returned or returned so far is partial, and that the operation cannot be completed. For example, when listing a context, this exception indicates that returned results only represents some of the bindings in the context.

    Synchronization and serialization issues that apply to NamingException apply directly here.

    See Also:
    Serialized Form

constructor:<init>(java.lang.String) [NONE]

  • PartialResultException

    public PartialResultException​(String explanation)
    Constructs a new instance of the exception using the explanation message specified. All other fields default to null.
    explanation - Possibly null detail explaining the exception.

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • PartialResultException

    public PartialResultException()
    Constructs a new instance of PartialResultException. All fields default to null.

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