Module java.base
Package javax.crypto

Class SecretKeyFactorySpi

  • public abstract class SecretKeyFactorySpi
    extends Object
    This class defines the Service Provider Interface (SPI) for the SecretKeyFactory class. All the abstract methods in this class must be implemented by each cryptographic service provider who wishes to supply the implementation of a secret-key factory for a particular algorithm.

    A provider should document all the key specifications supported by its secret key factory. For example, the DES secret-key factory supplied by the "SunJCE" provider supports DESKeySpec as a transparent representation of DES keys, and that provider's secret-key factory for Triple DES keys supports DESedeKeySpec as a transparent representation of Triple DES keys.

    See Also:
    SecretKey, DESKeySpec, DESedeKeySpec
    • Constructor Detail

      • SecretKeyFactorySpi

        public SecretKeyFactorySpi()
    • Method Detail

      • engineGenerateSecret

        protected abstract SecretKey engineGenerateSecret​(KeySpec keySpec)
                                                   throws InvalidKeySpecException
        Generates a SecretKey object from the provided key specification (key material).
        keySpec - the specification (key material) of the secret key
        the secret key
        InvalidKeySpecException - if the given key specification is inappropriate for this secret-key factory to produce a secret key.
      • engineGetKeySpec

        protected abstract KeySpec engineGetKeySpec​(SecretKey key,
                                                    Class<?> keySpec)
                                             throws InvalidKeySpecException
        Returns a specification (key material) of the given key object in the requested format.
        key - the key
        keySpec - the requested format in which the key material shall be returned
        the underlying key specification (key material) in the requested format
        InvalidKeySpecException - if the requested key specification is inappropriate for the given key (e.g., the algorithms associated with key and keySpec do not match, or key references a key on a cryptographic hardware device whereas keySpec is the specification of a software-based key), or the given key cannot be dealt with (e.g., the given key has an algorithm or format not supported by this secret-key factory).
      • engineTranslateKey

        protected abstract SecretKey engineTranslateKey​(SecretKey key)
                                                 throws InvalidKeyException
        Translates a key object, whose provider may be unknown or potentially untrusted, into a corresponding key object of this secret-key factory.
        key - the key whose provider is unknown or untrusted
        the translated key
        InvalidKeyException - if the given key cannot be processed by this secret-key factory.