Module java.base
Package java.util

Class Spliterators.AbstractDoubleSpliterator

    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractDoubleSpliterator

        protected AbstractDoubleSpliterator​(long est,
                                            int additionalCharacteristics)
        Creates a spliterator reporting the given estimated size and characteristics.
        est - the estimated size of this spliterator if known, otherwise Long.MAX_VALUE.
        additionalCharacteristics - properties of this spliterator's source or elements. If SIZED is reported then this spliterator will additionally report SUBSIZED.
    • Method Detail

      • trySplit

        public Spliterator.OfDouble trySplit()
        If this spliterator can be partitioned, returns a Spliterator covering elements, that will, upon return from this method, not be covered by this Spliterator.

        If this Spliterator is Spliterator.ORDERED, the returned Spliterator must cover a strict prefix of the elements.

        Unless this Spliterator covers an infinite number of elements, repeated calls to trySplit() must eventually return null. Upon non-null return:

        • the value reported for estimateSize() before splitting, must, after splitting, be greater than or equal to estimateSize() for this and the returned Spliterator; and
        • if this Spliterator is SUBSIZED, then estimateSize() for this spliterator before splitting must be equal to the sum of estimateSize() for this and the returned Spliterator after splitting.

        This method may return null for any reason, including emptiness, inability to split after traversal has commenced, data structure constraints, and efficiency considerations. This implementation permits limited parallelism.

        Specified by:
        trySplit in interface Spliterator<Double>
        a Spliterator covering some portion of the elements, or null if this spliterator cannot be split
      • estimateSize

        public long estimateSize()
        Returns an estimate of the number of elements that would be encountered by a Spliterator.forEachRemaining(java.util.function.Consumer<? super T>) traversal, or returns Long.MAX_VALUE if infinite, unknown, or too expensive to compute.

        If this Spliterator is Spliterator.SIZED and has not yet been partially traversed or split, or this Spliterator is Spliterator.SUBSIZED and has not yet been partially traversed, this estimate must be an accurate count of elements that would be encountered by a complete traversal. Otherwise, this estimate may be arbitrarily inaccurate, but must decrease as specified across invocations of Spliterator.trySplit().

        Specified by:
        estimateSize in interface Spliterator<Double>
        Implementation Requirements:
        This implementation returns the estimated size as reported when created and, if the estimate size is known, decreases in size when split.
        the estimated size, or Long.MAX_VALUE if infinite, unknown, or too expensive to compute.