Module java.base

Class MGF1ParameterSpec

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class MGF1ParameterSpec
    extends Object
    implements AlgorithmParameterSpec
    This class specifies the set of parameters used with mask generation function MGF1 in OAEP Padding and RSASSA-PSS signature scheme, as defined in the PKCS#1 v2.2 standard.

    Its ASN.1 definition in PKCS#1 standard is described below:

       { OID id-mgf1 PARAMETERS HashAlgorithm },
       ...  -- Allows for future expansion --
     HashAlgorithm ::= AlgorithmIdentifier {
     OAEP-PSSDigestAlgorithms    ALGORITHM-IDENTIFIER ::= {
       { OID id-sha1       PARAMETERS NULL }|
       { OID id-sha224     PARAMETERS NULL }|
       { OID id-sha256     PARAMETERS NULL }|
       { OID id-sha384     PARAMETERS NULL }|
       { OID id-sha512     PARAMETERS NULL }|
       { OID id-sha512-224 PARAMETERS NULL }|
       { OID id-sha512-256 PARAMETERS NULL },
       ...  -- Allows for future expansion --
    See Also:
    PSSParameterSpec, OAEPParameterSpec
    • Field Detail

      • SHA1

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA1
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses "SHA-1" message digest
      • SHA224

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA224
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses "SHA-224" message digest
      • SHA256

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA256
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses "SHA-256" message digest
      • SHA384

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA384
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses "SHA-384" message digest
      • SHA512

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA512
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses SHA-512 message digest
      • SHA512_224

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA512_224
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses SHA-512/224 message digest
      • SHA512_256

        public static final MGF1ParameterSpec SHA512_256
        The MGF1ParameterSpec which uses SHA-512/256 message digest
    • Constructor Detail

      • MGF1ParameterSpec

        public MGF1ParameterSpec​(String mdName)
        Constructs a parameter set for mask generation function MGF1 as defined in the PKCS #1 standard.
        mdName - the algorithm name for the message digest used in this mask generation function MGF1.
        NullPointerException - if mdName is null.
    • Method Detail

      • getDigestAlgorithm

        public String getDigestAlgorithm()
        Returns the algorithm name of the message digest used by the mask generation function.
        the algorithm name of the message digest.