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class:JTable.AccessibleJTable.AccessibleJTableCell [NONE]

constructor:JTable.AccessibleJTable.AccessibleJTableCell(javax.swing.JTable,int,int,int) [NONE]

  • AccessibleJTableCell

    public AccessibleJTableCell​(JTable t,
                                int r,
                                int c,
                                int i)
    Constructs an AccessibleJTableHeaderEntry.
    t - a JTable
    r - an int specifying a row
    c - an int specifying a column
    i - an int specifying the index to this cell

method:getAccessibleContext() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleContext

    public AccessibleContext getAccessibleContext()
    Gets the AccessibleContext associated with this component. In the implementation of the Java Accessibility API for this class, return this object, which is its own AccessibleContext.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleContext in interface Accessible
    this object

method:getCurrentAccessibleContext() [NONE]

  • getCurrentAccessibleContext

    protected AccessibleContext getCurrentAccessibleContext()
    Gets the AccessibleContext for the table cell renderer.
    the AccessibleContext for the table cell renderer if one exists; otherwise, returns null.

method:getCurrentComponent() [NONE]

  • getCurrentComponent

    protected Component getCurrentComponent()
    Gets the table cell renderer component.
    the table cell renderer component if one exists; otherwise, returns null.

method:getAccessibleName() [NONE]

method:setAccessibleName(java.lang.String) [NONE]

method:getAccessibleDescription() [NONE]

method:setAccessibleDescription(java.lang.String) [NONE]

method:getAccessibleRole() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleStateSet() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleParent() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleParent

    public Accessible getAccessibleParent()
    Gets the Accessible parent of this object.
    getAccessibleParent in class AccessibleContext
    the Accessible parent of this object; null if this object does not have an Accessible parent

method:getAccessibleIndexInParent() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleIndexInParent

    public int getAccessibleIndexInParent()
    Gets the index of this object in its accessible parent.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleIndexInParent in class AccessibleContext
    the index of this object in its parent; -1 if this object does not have an accessible parent
    See Also:

method:getAccessibleChildrenCount() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleChildrenCount

    public int getAccessibleChildrenCount()
    Returns the number of accessible children in the object.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleChildrenCount in class AccessibleContext
    the number of accessible children in the object

method:getAccessibleChild(int) [NONE]

method:getLocale() [NONE]

  • getLocale

    public Locale getLocale()
    Gets the locale of the component. If the component does not have a locale, then the locale of its parent is returned.
    Specified by:
    getLocale in class AccessibleContext
    this component's locale; if this component does not have a locale, the locale of its parent is returned
    IllegalComponentStateException - if the Component does not have its own locale and has not yet been added to a containment hierarchy such that the locale can be determined from the containing parent
    See Also:

method:addPropertyChangeListener(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener) [NONE]

method:removePropertyChangeListener(java.beans.PropertyChangeListener) [NONE]

  • removePropertyChangeListener

    public void removePropertyChangeListener​(PropertyChangeListener l)
    Removes a PropertyChangeListener from the listener list. This removes a PropertyChangeListener that was registered for all properties.
    removePropertyChangeListener in class AccessibleContext
    l - the PropertyChangeListener to be removed

method:getAccessibleAction() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleComponent() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleText() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleValue() [NONE]

method:getBackground() [NONE]

method:setBackground(java.awt.Color) [NONE]

method:getForeground() [NONE]

method:setForeground(java.awt.Color) [NONE]

method:getCursor() [NONE]

method:setCursor(java.awt.Cursor) [NONE]

method:getFont() [NONE]

method:setFont(java.awt.Font) [NONE]

method:getFontMetrics(java.awt.Font) [NONE]

method:isEnabled() [NONE]

method:setEnabled(boolean) [NONE]

method:isVisible() [NONE]

method:setVisible(boolean) [NONE]

method:isShowing() [NONE]

  • isShowing

    public boolean isShowing()
    Determines if the object is showing. This is determined by checking the visibility of the object and ancestors of the object. Note: this will return true even if the object is obscured by another (for example, it happens to be underneath a menu that was pulled down).
    Specified by:
    isShowing in interface AccessibleComponent
    true if the object is showing; otherwise, false

method:contains(java.awt.Point) [NONE]

  • contains

    public boolean contains​(Point p)
    Checks whether the specified point is within this object's bounds, where the point's x and y coordinates are defined to be relative to the coordinate system of the object.
    Specified by:
    contains in interface AccessibleComponent
    p - the Point relative to the coordinate system of the object
    true if object contains Point; otherwise false
    See Also:

method:getLocationOnScreen() [NONE]

method:getLocation() [NONE]

method:setLocation(java.awt.Point) [NONE]

method:getBounds() [NONE]

method:setBounds(java.awt.Rectangle) [NONE]

method:getSize() [NONE]

  • getSize

    public Dimension getSize()
    Description copied from interface: AccessibleComponent
    Returns the size of this object in the form of a Dimension object. The height field of the Dimension object contains this object's height, and the width field of the Dimension object contains this object's width.
    Specified by:
    getSize in interface AccessibleComponent
    A Dimension object that indicates the size of this component; null if this object is not on the screen
    See Also:

method:setSize(java.awt.Dimension) [NONE]

method:getAccessibleAt(java.awt.Point) [NONE]

  • getAccessibleAt

    public Accessible getAccessibleAt​(Point p)
    Description copied from interface: AccessibleComponent
    Returns the Accessible child, if one exists, contained at the local coordinate Point.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleAt in interface AccessibleComponent
    p - The point relative to the coordinate system of this object
    the Accessible, if it exists, at the specified location; otherwise null

method:isFocusTraversable() [NONE]

method:requestFocus() [NONE]

method:addFocusListener(java.awt.event.FocusListener) [NONE]

method:removeFocusListener(java.awt.event.FocusListener) [NONE]

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