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class:JEditorPane.AccessibleJEditorPaneHTML [NONE]

constructor:JEditorPane.AccessibleJEditorPaneHTML() [NONE]

  • AccessibleJEditorPaneHTML

    protected AccessibleJEditorPaneHTML()
    Constructs an AccessibleJEditorPaneHTML.

method:getAccessibleText() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleChildrenCount() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleChild(int) [NONE]

  • getAccessibleChild

    public Accessible getAccessibleChild​(int i)
    Returns the specified Accessible child of the object. The Accessible children of an Accessible object are zero-based, so the first child of an Accessible child is at index 0, the second child is at index 1, and so on.
    getAccessibleChild in class JComponent.AccessibleJComponent
    i - zero-based index of child
    the Accessible child of the object
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method:getAccessibleAt(java.awt.Point) [NONE]

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