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Interface DocumentEvent

public interface DocumentEvent
The DocumentEvent interface provides a mechanism by which the user can create an Event of a type supported by the implementation. It is expected that the DocumentEvent interface will be implemented on the same object which implements the Document interface in an implementation which supports the Event model.

See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Events Specification.

1.5, DOM Level 2
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    Modifier and Type Method Description
    Event createEvent​(String eventType)  
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    • createEvent

      Event createEvent​(String eventType) throws DOMException
      eventType - The eventType parameter specifies the type of Event interface to be created. If the Event interface specified is supported by the implementation this method will return a new Event of the interface type requested. If the Event is to be dispatched via the dispatchEvent method the appropriate event init method must be called after creation in order to initialize the Event's values. As an example, a user wishing to synthesize some kind of UIEvent would call createEvent with the parameter "UIEvents". The initUIEvent method could then be called on the newly created UIEvent to set the specific type of UIEvent to be dispatched and set its context information.The createEvent method is used in creating Events when it is either inconvenient or unnecessary for the user to create an Event themselves. In cases where the implementation provided Event is insufficient, users may supply their own Event implementations for use with the dispatchEvent method.
      The newly created Event
      DOMException - NOT_SUPPORTED_ERR: Raised if the implementation does not support the type of Event interface requested