Module java.xml

Class XMLInputFactory


public abstract class XMLInputFactory
extends Object
Defines an abstract implementation of a factory for getting streams. The following table defines the standard properties of this specification. Each property varies in the level of support required by each implementation. The level of support required is described in the 'Required' column.
Configuration Parameters
Property Name Behavior Return type Default Value Required on/off implementation specific DTD validationBooleanFalseNo on/off namespace processing for XML 1.0 supportBooleanTrueTrue (required) / False (optional) the processor to coalesce adjacent character dataBooleanFalseYes internal entity references with their replacement text and report them as charactersBooleanTrueYes external parsed entitiesBooleanUnspecifiedYes this property to request processors that do not support DTDsBooleanTrueYes the impl of the XMLReporter the impl of the XMLResolver the impl of the XMLEventAllocator
See Also:
XMLOutputFactory, XMLEventReader, XMLStreamReader, EventFilter, XMLReporter, XMLResolver, XMLEventAllocator