Package javax.script

Class ScriptException

All Implemented Interfaces:

public class ScriptException
extends Exception
The generic Exception class for the Scripting APIs. Checked exception types thrown by underlying scripting implementations must be wrapped in instances of ScriptException. The class has members to store line and column numbers and filenames if this information is available.
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  • Constructor Details

    • ScriptException

      public ScriptException​(String s)
      Creates a ScriptException with a String to be used in its message. Filename, and line and column numbers are unspecified.
      s - The String to use in the message.
    • ScriptException

      public ScriptException​(Exception e)
      Creates a ScriptException wrapping an Exception thrown by an underlying interpreter. Line and column numbers and filename are unspecified.
      e - The wrapped Exception.
    • ScriptException

      public ScriptException​(String message, String fileName, int lineNumber)
      Creates a ScriptException with message, filename and linenumber to be used in error messages.
      message - The string to use in the message
      fileName - The file or resource name describing the location of a script error causing the ScriptException to be thrown.
      lineNumber - A line number describing the location of a script error causing the ScriptException to be thrown.
    • ScriptException

      public ScriptException​(String message, String fileName, int lineNumber, int columnNumber)
      ScriptException constructor specifying message, filename, line number and column number.
      message - The message.
      fileName - The filename
      lineNumber - the line number.
      columnNumber - the column number.
  • Method Details

    • getMessage

      public String getMessage()
      Returns a message containing the String passed to a constructor as well as line and column numbers and filename if any of these are known.
      getMessage in class Throwable
      The error message.
    • getLineNumber

      public int getLineNumber()
      Get the line number on which an error occurred.
      The line number. Returns -1 if a line number is unavailable.
    • getColumnNumber

      public int getColumnNumber()
      Get the column number on which an error occurred.
      The column number. Returns -1 if a column number is unavailable.
    • getFileName

      public String getFileName()
      Get the source of the script causing the error.
      The file name of the script or some other string describing the script source. May return some implementation-defined string such as <unknown> if a description of the source is unavailable.