Module java.naming

Interface UnsolicitedNotificationListener

All Superinterfaces:
EventListener, NamingListener

public interface UnsolicitedNotificationListener
extends NamingListener
This interface is for handling UnsolicitedNotificationEvent. "Unsolicited notification" is defined in RFC 2251. It allows the server to send unsolicited notifications to the client. An UnsolicitedNotificationListener must:
  1. Implement this interface and its method
  2. Implement NamingListener.namingExceptionThrown() so that it will be notified of exceptions thrown while attempting to collect unsolicited notification events.
  3. Register with the context using one of the addNamingListener() methods from EventContext or EventDirContext. Only the NamingListener argument of these methods are applicable; the rest are ignored for an UnsolicitedNotificationListener. (These arguments might be applicable to the listener if it implements other listener interfaces).
See Also:
UnsolicitedNotificationEvent, UnsolicitedNotification, EventContext.addNamingListener(javax.naming.Name, int, javax.naming.event.NamingListener), EventDirContext.addNamingListener(javax.naming.Name, java.lang.String,, javax.naming.event.NamingListener), EventContext.removeNamingListener(javax.naming.event.NamingListener)