Module java.desktop

Class DefaultTreeCellEditor

All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionListener, EventListener, CellEditor, TreeSelectionListener, TreeCellEditor

public class DefaultTreeCellEditor
extends Object
implements ActionListener, TreeCellEditor, TreeSelectionListener
A TreeCellEditor. You need to supply an instance of DefaultTreeCellRenderer so that the icons can be obtained. You can optionally supply a TreeCellEditor that will be layed out according to the icon in the DefaultTreeCellRenderer. If you do not supply a TreeCellEditor, a TextField will be used. Editing is started on a triple mouse click, or after a click, pause, click and a delay of 1200 milliseconds.

Warning: Serialized objects of this class will not be compatible with future Swing releases. The current serialization support is appropriate for short term storage or RMI between applications running the same version of Swing. As of 1.4, support for long term storage of all JavaBeans™ has been added to the java.beans package. Please see XMLEncoder.

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  • Field Details

    • realEditor

      protected TreeCellEditor realEditor
      Editor handling the editing.
    • renderer

      protected DefaultTreeCellRenderer renderer
      Renderer, used to get border and offsets from.
    • editingContainer

      protected Container editingContainer
      Editing container, will contain the editorComponent.
    • editingComponent

      protected transient Component editingComponent
      Component used in editing, obtained from the editingContainer.
    • canEdit

      protected boolean canEdit
      As of Java 2 platform v1.4 this field should no longer be used. If you wish to provide similar behavior you should directly override isCellEditable.
    • offset

      protected transient int offset
      Used in editing. Indicates x position to place editingComponent.
    • tree

      protected transient JTree tree
      JTree instance listening too.
    • lastPath

      protected transient TreePath lastPath
      Last path that was selected.
    • timer

      protected transient Timer timer
      Used before starting the editing session.
    • lastRow

      protected transient int lastRow
      Row that was last passed into getTreeCellEditorComponent.
    • borderSelectionColor

      protected Color borderSelectionColor
      True if the border selection color should be drawn.
    • editingIcon

      protected transient Icon editingIcon
      Icon to use when editing.
    • font

      protected Font font
      Font to paint with, null indicates font of renderer is to be used.
  • Constructor Details

    • DefaultTreeCellEditor

      public DefaultTreeCellEditor​(JTree tree, DefaultTreeCellRenderer renderer)
      Constructs a DefaultTreeCellEditor object for a JTree using the specified renderer and a default editor. (Use this constructor for normal editing.)
      tree - a JTree object
      renderer - a DefaultTreeCellRenderer object
    • DefaultTreeCellEditor

      public DefaultTreeCellEditor​(JTree tree, DefaultTreeCellRenderer renderer, TreeCellEditor editor)
      Constructs a DefaultTreeCellEditor object for a JTree using the specified renderer and the specified editor. (Use this constructor for specialized editing.)
      tree - a JTree object
      renderer - a DefaultTreeCellRenderer object
      editor - a TreeCellEditor object
  • Method Details

    • setBorderSelectionColor

      public void setBorderSelectionColor​(Color newColor)
      Sets the color to use for the border.
      newColor - the new border color
    • getBorderSelectionColor

      public Color getBorderSelectionColor()
      Returns the color the border is drawn.
      the border selection color
    • setFont

      public void setFont​(Font font)
      Sets the font to edit with. null indicates the renderers font should be used. This will NOT override any font you have set in the editor the receiver was instantiated with. If null for an editor was passed in a default editor will be created that will pick up this font.
      font - the editing Font
      See Also:
    • getFont

      public Font getFont()
      Gets the font used for editing.
      the editing Font
      See Also:
    • getTreeCellEditorComponent

      public Component getTreeCellEditorComponent​(JTree tree, Object value, boolean isSelected, boolean expanded, boolean leaf, int row)
      Configures the editor. Passed onto the realEditor.
      Specified by:
      getTreeCellEditorComponent in interface TreeCellEditor
      tree - the JTree that is asking the editor to edit; this parameter can be null
      value - the value of the cell to be edited
      isSelected - true if the cell is to be rendered with selection highlighting
      expanded - true if the node is expanded
      leaf - true if the node is a leaf node
      row - the row index of the node being edited
      the component for editing
    • getCellEditorValue

      public Object getCellEditorValue()
      Returns the value currently being edited.
      Specified by:
      getCellEditorValue in interface CellEditor
      the value currently being edited
    • isCellEditable

      public boolean isCellEditable​(EventObject event)
      If the realEditor returns true to this message, prepareForEditing is messaged and true is returned.
      Specified by:
      isCellEditable in interface CellEditor
      event - the event the editor should use to consider whether to begin editing or not
      true if editing can be started
      See Also:
    • shouldSelectCell

      public boolean shouldSelectCell​(EventObject event)
      Messages the realEditor for the return value.
      Specified by:
      shouldSelectCell in interface CellEditor
      event - the event the editor should use to start editing
      true if the editor would like the editing cell to be selected; otherwise returns false
      See Also:
    • stopCellEditing

      public boolean stopCellEditing()
      If the realEditor will allow editing to stop, the realEditor is removed and true is returned, otherwise false is returned.
      Specified by:
      stopCellEditing in interface CellEditor
      true if editing was stopped; false otherwise
    • cancelCellEditing

      public void cancelCellEditing()
      Messages cancelCellEditing to the realEditor and removes it from this instance.
      Specified by:
      cancelCellEditing in interface CellEditor
    • addCellEditorListener

      public void addCellEditorListener​(CellEditorListener l)
      Adds the CellEditorListener.
      Specified by:
      addCellEditorListener in interface CellEditor
      l - the listener to be added
    • removeCellEditorListener

      public void removeCellEditorListener​(CellEditorListener l)
      Removes the previously added CellEditorListener.
      Specified by:
      removeCellEditorListener in interface CellEditor
      l - the listener to be removed
    • getCellEditorListeners

      public CellEditorListener[] getCellEditorListeners()
      Returns an array of all the CellEditorListeners added to this DefaultTreeCellEditor with addCellEditorListener().
      all of the CellEditorListeners added or an empty array if no listeners have been added
    • valueChanged

      public void valueChanged​(TreeSelectionEvent e)
      Resets lastPath.
      Specified by:
      valueChanged in interface TreeSelectionListener
      e - the event that characterizes the change.
    • actionPerformed

      public void actionPerformed​(ActionEvent e)
      Messaged when the timer fires, this will start the editing session.
      Specified by:
      actionPerformed in interface ActionListener
      e - the event to be processed
    • setTree

      protected void setTree​(JTree newTree)
      Sets the tree currently editing for. This is needed to add a selection listener.
      newTree - the new tree to be edited
    • shouldStartEditingTimer

      protected boolean shouldStartEditingTimer​(EventObject event)
      Returns true if event is a MouseEvent and the click count is 1.
      event - the event being studied
      whether event should starts the editing timer
    • startEditingTimer

      protected void startEditingTimer()
      Starts the editing timer.
    • canEditImmediately

      protected boolean canEditImmediately​(EventObject event)
      Returns true if event is null, or it is a MouseEvent with a click count > 2 and inHitRegion returns true.
      event - the event being studied
      whether editing can be started for the given event
    • inHitRegion

      protected boolean inHitRegion​(int x, int y)
      Returns true if the passed in location is a valid mouse location to start editing from. This is implemented to return false if x is <= the width of the icon and icon gap displayed by the renderer. In other words this returns true if the user clicks over the text part displayed by the renderer, and false otherwise.
      x - the x-coordinate of the point
      y - the y-coordinate of the point
      true if the passed in location is a valid mouse location
    • determineOffset

      protected void determineOffset​(JTree tree, Object value, boolean isSelected, boolean expanded, boolean leaf, int row)
      Determine the offset.
      tree - a JTree object
      value - a value
      isSelected - selection status
      expanded - expansion status
      leaf - leaf status
      row - current row
    • prepareForEditing

      protected void prepareForEditing()
      Invoked just before editing is to start. Will add the editingComponent to the editingContainer.
    • createContainer

      protected Container createContainer()
      Creates the container to manage placement of editingComponent.
      new Container object
    • createTreeCellEditor

      protected TreeCellEditor createTreeCellEditor()
      This is invoked if a TreeCellEditor is not supplied in the constructor. It returns a TextField editor.
      a new TextField editor