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Class ICC_Profile

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Direct Known Subclasses:
ICC_ProfileGray, ICC_ProfileRGB

public class ICC_Profile
extends Object
implements Serializable
A representation of color profile data for device independent and device dependent color spaces based on the International Color Consortium Specification ICC.1:2001-12, File Format for Color Profiles, (see

An ICC_ColorSpace object can be constructed from an appropriate ICC_Profile. Typically, an ICC_ColorSpace would be associated with an ICC Profile which is either an input, display, or output profile (see the ICC specification). There are also device link, abstract, color space conversion, and named color profiles. These are less useful for tagging a color or image, but are useful for other purposes (in particular device link profiles can provide improved performance for converting from one device's color space to another's).

ICC Profiles represent transformations from the color space of the profile (e.g. a monitor) to a Profile Connection Space (PCS). Profiles of interest for tagging images or colors have a PCS which is one of the two specific device independent spaces (one CIEXYZ space and one CIELab space) defined in the ICC Profile Format Specification. Most profiles of interest either have invertible transformations or explicitly specify transformations going both directions.

See Also:
ICC_ColorSpace, Serialized Form