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class:EventListener [NONE]

  • public interface EventListener
    The EventListener interface is the primary method for handling events. Users implement the EventListener interface and register their listener on an EventTarget using the AddEventListener method. The users should also remove their EventListener from its EventTarget after they have completed using the listener.

    When a Node is copied using the cloneNode method the EventListeners attached to the source Node are not attached to the copied Node. If the user wishes the same EventListeners to be added to the newly created copy the user must add them manually.

    See also the Document Object Model (DOM) Level 2 Events Specification .

    1.5, DOM Level 2

method:handleEvent( [NONE]

  • handleEvent

    void handleEvent​(Event evt)
    This method is called whenever an event occurs of the type for which the EventListener interface was registered.
    evt - The Event contains contextual information about the event. It also contains the stopPropagation and preventDefault methods which are used in determining the event's flow and default action.

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