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class:NotationDeclaration [NONE]

  • All Superinterfaces:
    XMLEvent, XMLStreamConstants

    public interface NotationDeclaration
    extends XMLEvent
    An interface for handling Notation Declarations Receive notification of a notation declaration event. It is up to the application to record the notation for later reference, At least one of publicId and systemId must be non-null. There is no guarantee that the notation declaration will be reported before any unparsed entities that use it.

method:getName() [NONE]

  • getName

    String getName()
    The notation name.

method:getPublicId() [NONE]

  • getPublicId

    String getPublicId()
    The notation's public identifier, or null if none was given.

method:getSystemId() [NONE]

  • getSystemId

    String getSystemId()
    The notation's system identifier, or null if none was given.

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