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class:CompoundEdit [NONE]

field:edits [NONE]

  • edits

    protected Vector<UndoableEdit> edits
    The collection of UndoableEdits undone/redone en masse by this CompoundEdit.

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • CompoundEdit

    public CompoundEdit()
    Constructs a CompoundEdit.

method:undo() [NONE]

method:redo() [NONE]

method:lastEdit() [NONE]

  • lastEdit

    protected UndoableEdit lastEdit()
    Returns the last UndoableEdit in edits, or null if edits is empty.
    the last UndoableEdit in edits, or null if edits is empty.

method:die() [NONE]

method:addEdit(javax.swing.undo.UndoableEdit) [NONE]

  • addEdit

    public boolean addEdit​(UndoableEdit anEdit)
    If this edit is inProgress, accepts anEdit and returns true.

    The last edit added to this CompoundEdit is given a chance to addEdit(anEdit). If it refuses (returns false), anEdit is given a chance to replaceEdit the last edit. If anEdit returns false here, it is added to edits.

    Specified by:
    addEdit in interface UndoableEdit
    addEdit in class AbstractUndoableEdit
    anEdit - the edit to be added
    true if the edit is inProgress; otherwise returns false
    See Also:

method:end() [NONE]

method:canUndo() [NONE]

method:canRedo() [NONE]

method:isInProgress() [NONE]

  • isInProgress

    public boolean isInProgress()
    Returns true if this edit is in progress--that is, it has not received end. This generally means that edits are still being added to it.
    whether this edit is in progress
    See Also:

method:isSignificant() [NONE]

method:getPresentationName() [NONE]

method:getUndoPresentationName() [NONE]

method:getRedoPresentationName() [NONE]

method:toString() [NONE]

  • toString

    public String toString()
    Returns a string that displays and identifies this object's properties.
    toString in class AbstractUndoableEdit
    a String representation of this object

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