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class:LayeredHighlighter.LayerPainter [NONE]

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • LayerPainter

    public LayerPainter()

method:paintLayer(java.awt.Graphics,int,int,java.awt.Shape,javax.swing.text.JTextComponent,javax.swing.text.View) [NONE]

  • paintLayer

    public abstract Shape paintLayer​(Graphics g,
                                     int p0,
                                     int p1,
                                     Shape viewBounds,
                                     JTextComponent editor,
                                     View view)
    g - Graphics used to draw
    p0 - starting offset of view
    p1 - ending offset of view
    viewBounds - Bounds of View
    editor - JTextComponent
    view - View instance being rendered
    a shape

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