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class:MetalBorders.RolloverButtonBorder [NONE]

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • RolloverButtonBorder

    public RolloverButtonBorder()

method:paintBorder(java.awt.Component,java.awt.Graphics,int,int,int,int) [NONE]

  • paintBorder

    public void paintBorder​(Component c,
                            Graphics g,
                            int x,
                            int y,
                            int w,
                            int h)
    Description copied from class: AbstractBorder
    This default implementation does no painting.
    Specified by:
    paintBorder in interface Border
    paintBorder in class MetalBorders.ButtonBorder
    c - the component for which this border is being painted
    g - the paint graphics
    x - the x position of the painted border
    y - the y position of the painted border
    w - the width of the painted border
    h - the height of the painted border

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