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class:Border [NONE]

method:paintBorder(java.awt.Component,java.awt.Graphics,int,int,int,int) [NONE]

  • paintBorder

    void paintBorder​(Component c,
                     Graphics g,
                     int x,
                     int y,
                     int width,
                     int height)
    Paints the border for the specified component with the specified position and size.
    c - the component for which this border is being painted
    g - the paint graphics
    x - the x position of the painted border
    y - the y position of the painted border
    width - the width of the painted border
    height - the height of the painted border

method:getBorderInsets(java.awt.Component) [NONE]

  • getBorderInsets

    Insets getBorderInsets​(Component c)
    Returns the insets of the border.
    c - the component for which this border insets value applies
    an Insets object containing the insets from top, left, bottom and right of this Border

method:isBorderOpaque() [NONE]

  • isBorderOpaque

    boolean isBorderOpaque()
    Returns whether or not the border is opaque. If the border is opaque, it is responsible for filling in it's own background when painting.
    true if this Border is opaque

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