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class:JMenu.AccessibleJMenu [NONE]

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • AccessibleJMenu

    protected AccessibleJMenu()

method:getAccessibleChildrenCount() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleChildrenCount

    public int getAccessibleChildrenCount()
    Returns the number of accessible children in the object. If all of the children of this object implement Accessible, than this method should return the number of children of this object.
    getAccessibleChildrenCount in class JComponent.AccessibleJComponent
    the number of accessible children in the object.

method:getAccessibleChild(int) [NONE]

method:getAccessibleRole() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleSelection

    public AccessibleSelection getAccessibleSelection()
    Get the AccessibleSelection associated with this object. In the implementation of the Java Accessibility API for this class, return this object, which is responsible for implementing the AccessibleSelection interface on behalf of itself.
    getAccessibleSelection in class AccessibleContext
    this object
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method:getAccessibleSelectionCount() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleSelectionCount

    public int getAccessibleSelectionCount()
    Returns 1 if a sub-menu is currently selected in this menu.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleSelectionCount in interface AccessibleSelection
    1 if a menu is currently selected, else 0

method:getAccessibleSelection(int) [NONE]

method:isAccessibleChildSelected(int) [NONE]

  • isAccessibleChildSelected

    public boolean isAccessibleChildSelected​(int i)
    Returns true if the current child of this object is selected (that is, if this child is a popped-up submenu).
    Specified by:
    isAccessibleChildSelected in interface AccessibleSelection
    i - the zero-based index of the child in this Accessible object.
    true if the current child of this object is selected; else false
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method:addAccessibleSelection(int) [NONE]

method:removeAccessibleSelection(int) [NONE]

method:clearAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

  • clearAccessibleSelection

    public void clearAccessibleSelection()
    Clears the selection in the object, so that nothing in the object is selected. This will close any open sub-menu.
    Specified by:
    clearAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection

method:selectAllAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

  • selectAllAccessibleSelection

    public void selectAllAccessibleSelection()
    Normally causes every selected item in the object to be selected if the object supports multiple selections. This method makes no sense in a menu bar, and so does nothing.
    Specified by:
    selectAllAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection

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