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class:Control.Type [NONE]

constructor:<init>(java.lang.String) [NONE]

  • Type

    protected Type​(String name)
    Constructs a new control type with the name specified. The name should be a descriptive string appropriate for labelling the control in an application, such as "Gain" or "Balance".
    name - the name of the new control type

method:equals(java.lang.Object) [NONE]

  • equals

    public final boolean equals​(Object obj)
    Indicates whether the specified object is equal to this control type, returning true if the objects are the same.
    equals in class Object
    obj - the reference object with which to compare
    true if the specified object is equal to this control type; false otherwise
    See Also:
    Object.hashCode(), HashMap

method:hashCode() [NONE]

method:toString() [NONE]

  • toString

    public final String toString()
    Provides the String representation of the control type. This String is the same name that was passed to the constructor.
    toString in class Object
    the control type name

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