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class:ShardingKeyBuilder [NONE]

  • public interface ShardingKeyBuilder
    A builder created from a DataSource or XADataSource object, used to create a ShardingKey with sub-keys of supported data types. Implementations must support JDBCType.VARCHAR and may also support additional data types.

    The following example illustrates the use of ShardingKeyBuilder to create a ShardingKey:

         DataSource ds = new MyDataSource();
         ShardingKey shardingKey = ds.createShardingKeyBuilder()
                               .subkey("abc", JDBCType.VARCHAR)
                               .subkey(94002, JDBCType.INTEGER)


method:subkey(java.lang.Object,java.sql.SQLType) [NONE]

  • subkey

    ShardingKeyBuilder subkey​(Object subkey,
                              SQLType subkeyType)
    This method will be called to add a subkey into a Sharding Key object being built. The order in which subkey method is called is important as it indicates the order of placement of the subkey within the Sharding Key.
    subkey - contains the object that needs to be part of shard sub key
    subkeyType - sub-key data type of type java.sql.SQLType
    this builder object

method:build() [NONE]

  • build

    ShardingKey build()
               throws SQLException
    Returns an instance of the object defined by this builder.
    The built object
    SQLException - If an error occurs building the object

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