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class:DropTargetDragEvent [NONE]

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    public class DropTargetDragEvent
    extends DropTargetEvent
    The DropTargetDragEvent is delivered to a DropTargetListener via its dragEnter() and dragOver() methods.

    The DropTargetDragEvent reports the source drop actions and the user drop action that reflect the current state of the drag operation.

    Source drop actions is a bitwise mask of DnDConstants that represents the set of drop actions supported by the drag source for this drag operation.

    User drop action depends on the drop actions supported by the drag source and the drop action selected by the user. The user can select a drop action by pressing modifier keys during the drag operation:

       Ctrl + Shift -> ACTION_LINK
       Ctrl         -> ACTION_COPY
       Shift        -> ACTION_MOVE
    If the user selects a drop action, the user drop action is one of DnDConstants that represents the selected drop action if this drop action is supported by the drag source or DnDConstants.ACTION_NONE if this drop action is not supported by the drag source.

    If the user doesn't select a drop action, the set of DnDConstants that represents the set of drop actions supported by the drag source is searched for DnDConstants.ACTION_MOVE, then for DnDConstants.ACTION_COPY, then for DnDConstants.ACTION_LINK and the user drop action is the first constant found. If no constant is found the user drop action is DnDConstants.ACTION_NONE.

    See Also:
    Serialized Form

constructor:<init>(java.awt.dnd.DropTargetContext,java.awt.Point,int,int) [NONE]

  • DropTargetDragEvent

    public DropTargetDragEvent​(DropTargetContext dtc,
                               Point cursorLocn,
                               int dropAction,
                               int srcActions)
    Construct a DropTargetDragEvent given the DropTargetContext for this operation, the location of the "Drag" Cursor's hotspot in the Component's coordinates, the user drop action, and the source drop actions.
    dtc - The DropTargetContext for this operation
    cursorLocn - The location of the "Drag" Cursor's hotspot in Component coordinates
    dropAction - The user drop action
    srcActions - The source drop actions
    NullPointerException - if cursorLocn is null
    IllegalArgumentException - if dropAction is not one of DnDConstants.
    IllegalArgumentException - if srcActions is not a bitwise mask of DnDConstants.
    IllegalArgumentException - if dtc is null.

method:getLocation() [NONE]

  • getLocation

    public Point getLocation()
    This method returns a Point indicating the Cursor's current location within the Component's coordinates.
    the current cursor location in Component's coords.

method:getCurrentDataFlavors() [NONE]

  • getCurrentDataFlavors

    public DataFlavor[] getCurrentDataFlavors()
    This method returns the current DataFlavors from the DropTargetContext.
    current DataFlavors from the DropTargetContext

method:getCurrentDataFlavorsAsList() [NONE]

  • getCurrentDataFlavorsAsList

    public List<DataFlavor> getCurrentDataFlavorsAsList()
    This method returns the current DataFlavors as a java.util.List
    a java.util.List of the Current DataFlavors

method:isDataFlavorSupported(java.awt.datatransfer.DataFlavor) [NONE]

  • isDataFlavorSupported

    public boolean isDataFlavorSupported​(DataFlavor df)
    This method returns a boolean indicating if the specified DataFlavor is supported.
    df - the DataFlavor to test
    if a particular DataFlavor is supported

method:getSourceActions() [NONE]

  • getSourceActions

    public int getSourceActions()
    This method returns the source drop actions.
    the source drop actions

method:getDropAction() [NONE]

  • getDropAction

    public int getDropAction()
    This method returns the user drop action.
    the user drop action

method:getTransferable() [NONE]

  • getTransferable

    public Transferable getTransferable()
    This method returns the Transferable object that represents the data associated with the current drag operation.
    the Transferable associated with the drag operation
    InvalidDnDOperationException - if the data associated with the drag operation is not available

method:acceptDrag(int) [NONE]

  • acceptDrag

    public void acceptDrag​(int dragOperation)
    Accepts the drag. This method should be called from a DropTargetListeners dragEnter , dragOver, and dropActionChanged methods if the implementation wishes to accept an operation from the srcActions other than the one selected by the user as represented by the dropAction.
    dragOperation - the operation accepted by the target

method:rejectDrag() [NONE]

  • rejectDrag

    public void rejectDrag()
    Rejects the drag as a result of examining either the dropAction or the available DataFlavor types.

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