Module java.desktop

Class SynthStyleFactory

  • public abstract class SynthStyleFactory
    extends Object
    Factory used for obtaining SynthStyles. Each of the Synth ComponentUIs will call into the current SynthStyleFactory to obtain a SynthStyle for each of the distinct regions they have.

    The following example creates a custom SynthStyleFactory that returns a different style based on the Region:

     class MyStyleFactory extends SynthStyleFactory {
         public SynthStyle getStyle(JComponent c, Region id) {
             if (id == Region.BUTTON) {
                 return buttonStyle;
             else if (id == Region.TREE) {
                 return treeStyle;
             return defaultStyle;
     SynthLookAndFeel laf = new SynthLookAndFeel();
     SynthLookAndFeel.setStyleFactory(new MyStyleFactory());
    See Also:
    SynthLookAndFeel, SynthStyle
    • Constructor Detail

      • SynthStyleFactory

        public SynthStyleFactory()
        Creates a SynthStyleFactory.
    • Method Detail

      • getStyle

        public abstract SynthStyle getStyle​(JComponent c,
                                            Region id)
        Returns the style for the specified Component.
        c - Component asking for
        id - Region identifier
        SynthStyle for region.