Module java.xml

Class EventReaderDelegate

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Iterator<Object>, XMLEventReader

    public class EventReaderDelegate
    extends Object
    implements XMLEventReader
    This is the base class for deriving an XMLEventReader filter. This class is designed to sit between an XMLEventReader and an application's XMLEventReader. By default each method does nothing but call the corresponding method on the parent interface.
    See Also:
    XMLEventReader, StreamReaderDelegate
    • Constructor Detail

      • EventReaderDelegate

        public EventReaderDelegate()
        Construct an empty filter with no parent.
      • EventReaderDelegate

        public EventReaderDelegate​(XMLEventReader reader)
        Construct an filter with the specified parent.
        reader - the parent
    • Method Detail

      • setParent

        public void setParent​(XMLEventReader reader)
        Set the parent of this instance.
        reader - the new parent
      • getParent

        public XMLEventReader getParent()
        Get the parent of this instance.
        the parent or null if none is set