Class JMXConnectorServer

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    MBeanRegistration, NotificationBroadcaster, NotificationEmitter, JMXAddressable, JMXConnectorServerMBean
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    public abstract class JMXConnectorServer
    extends NotificationBroadcasterSupport
    implements JMXConnectorServerMBean, MBeanRegistration, JMXAddressable

    Superclass of every connector server. A connector server is attached to an MBean server. It listens for client connection requests and creates a connection for each one.

    A connector server is associated with an MBean server either by registering it in that MBean server, or by passing the MBean server to its constructor.

    A connector server is inactive when created. It only starts listening for client connections when the start method is called. A connector server stops listening for client connections when the stop method is called or when the connector server is unregistered from its MBean server.

    Stopping a connector server does not unregister it from its MBean server. A connector server once stopped cannot be restarted.

    Each time a client connection is made or broken, a notification of class JMXConnectionNotification is emitted.

    • Field Detail


        public static final String AUTHENTICATOR

        Name of the attribute that specifies the authenticator for a connector server. The value associated with this attribute, if any, must be an object that implements the interface JMXAuthenticator.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • JMXConnectorServer

        public JMXConnectorServer()

        Constructs a connector server that will be registered as an MBean in the MBean server it is attached to. This constructor is typically called by one of the createMBean methods when creating, within an MBean server, a connector server that makes it available remotely.

      • JMXConnectorServer

        public JMXConnectorServer​(MBeanServer mbeanServer)

        Constructs a connector server that is attached to the given MBean server. A connector server that is created in this way can be registered in a different MBean server, or not registered in any MBean server.

        mbeanServer - the MBean server that this connector server is attached to. Null if this connector server will be attached to an MBean server by being registered in it.