Interface DynamicMBean

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      • setAttributes

        AttributeList setAttributes​(AttributeList attributes)
        Sets the values of several attributes of the Dynamic MBean.
        attributes - A list of attributes: The identification of the attributes to be set and the values they are to be set to.
        The list of attributes that were set, with their new values.
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      • invoke

        Object invoke​(String actionName,
                      Object[] params,
                      String[] signature)
               throws MBeanException,
        Allows an action to be invoked on the Dynamic MBean.
        actionName - The name of the action to be invoked.
        params - An array containing the parameters to be set when the action is invoked.
        signature - An array containing the signature of the action. The class objects will be loaded through the same class loader as the one used for loading the MBean on which the action is invoked.
        The object returned by the action, which represents the result of invoking the action on the MBean specified.
        MBeanException - Wraps a java.lang.Exception thrown by the MBean's invoked method.
        ReflectionException - Wraps a java.lang.Exception thrown while trying to invoke the method
      • getMBeanInfo

        MBeanInfo getMBeanInfo()
        Provides the exposed attributes and actions of the Dynamic MBean using an MBeanInfo object.
        An instance of MBeanInfo allowing all attributes and actions exposed by this Dynamic MBean to be retrieved.