JSR 386: Java SE 12: Annex 3
Final Release Specification
Alex Buckley
2019/2/21 14:24 -0800 [cc00f5bdea5d]

This Annex to the Java SE 12 Specification contains the Java SE 12 Editions of The Java Language Specification (JLS) and The Java Virtual Machine Specification (JVMS).

The Java SE 12 Editions include corrections and clarifications made to the JLS and JVMS since the Java SE 11 Editions, that is, since the Final Release of JSR 383. They also integrate the specifications of the following new features:

The Java SE 12 Platform includes the following preview feature whose specification is logically part of the Java SE 12 Edition of the JLS, but physically distributed in a separate document:

The changes are highlighted with change bars and colorful text, as follows:

Informative background to the specific issues which will be addressed by the changes in these editions is available in the JDK Bug System under the specification component.