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class:Source [NONE]

  • All Known Implementing Classes:
    DOMSource, SAXSource, StAXSource, StreamSource

    public interface Source
    An object that implements this interface contains the information needed to act as source input (XML source or transformation instructions).

method:setSystemId(java.lang.String) [NONE]

  • setSystemId

    void setSystemId​(String systemId)
    Set the system identifier for this Source.

    The system identifier is optional if the source does not get its data from a URL, but it may still be useful to provide one. The application can use a system identifier, for example, to resolve relative URIs and to include in error messages and warnings.

    systemId - The system identifier as a URL string.

method:getSystemId() [NONE]

  • getSystemId

    String getSystemId()
    Get the system identifier that was set with setSystemId.
    The system identifier that was set with setSystemId, or null if setSystemId was not called.

method:isEmpty() [NONE]

  • isEmpty

    default boolean isEmpty()
    Indicates whether the Source object is empty. Empty means that there is no input available from this Source.
    Implementation Requirements:
    The default implementation of this method throws UnsupportedOperationException.
    true if the Source object is empty, false otherwise

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