Module java.base

Class MalformedParametersException

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    public class MalformedParametersException
    extends RuntimeException
    Thrown when the java.lang.reflect package attempts to read method parameters from a class file and determines that one or more parameters are malformed.

    The following is a list of conditions under which this exception can be thrown:

    • The number of parameters (parameter_count) is wrong for the method
    • A constant pool index is out of bounds.
    • A constant pool index does not refer to a UTF-8 entry
    • A parameter's name is "", or contains an illegal character
    • The flags field contains an illegal flag (something other than FINAL, SYNTHETIC, or MANDATED)
    See Executable.getParameters() for more information.
    See Also:
    Executable.getParameters(), Serialized Form
    • Constructor Detail

      • MalformedParametersException

        public MalformedParametersException()
        Create a MalformedParametersException with an empty reason.
      • MalformedParametersException

        public MalformedParametersException​(String reason)
        Create a MalformedParametersException.
        reason - The reason for the exception.