Interface MBeanServerForwarder

  • All Superinterfaces:
    MBeanServer, MBeanServerConnection

    public interface MBeanServerForwarder
    extends MBeanServer

    An object of this class implements the MBeanServer interface and wraps another object that also implements that interface. Typically, an implementation of this interface performs some action in some or all methods of the MBeanServer interface before and/or after forwarding the method to the wrapped object. Examples include security checking and logging.

    • Method Detail

      • setMBeanServer

        void setMBeanServer​(MBeanServer mbs)
        Sets the MBeanServer object to which requests will be forwarded after treatment by this object.
        mbs - the MBeanServer object to which requests will be forwarded.
        IllegalArgumentException - if this object is already forwarding to an MBeanServer object or if mbs is null or if mbs is identical to this object.
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