Class InvalidTargetObjectTypeException

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    public class InvalidTargetObjectTypeException
    extends Exception
    Exception thrown when an invalid target object type is specified.

    The serialVersionUID of this class is 1190536278266811217L.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • InvalidTargetObjectTypeException

        public InvalidTargetObjectTypeException()
        Default constructor.
      • InvalidTargetObjectTypeException

        public InvalidTargetObjectTypeException​(String s)
        Constructor from a string.
        s - String value that will be incorporated in the message for this exception.
      • InvalidTargetObjectTypeException

        public InvalidTargetObjectTypeException​(Exception e,
                                                String s)
        Constructor taking an exception and a string.
        e - Exception that we may have caught to reissue as an InvalidTargetObjectTypeException. The message will be used, and we may want to consider overriding the printStackTrace() methods to get data pointing back to original throw stack.
        s - String value that will be incorporated in message for this exception.