Class RMIConnectionImpl

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      • RMIConnectionImpl

        public RMIConnectionImpl​(RMIServerImpl rmiServer,
                                 String connectionId,
                                 ClassLoader defaultClassLoader,
                                 Subject subject,
                                 Map<String,?> env)
        Constructs a new RMIConnection. This connection can be used with the JRMP transport. This object does not export itself: it is the responsibility of the caller to export it appropriately (see RMIJRMPServerImpl.makeClient(String,Subject)).
        rmiServer - The RMIServerImpl object for which this connection is created. The behavior is unspecified if this parameter is null.
        connectionId - The ID for this connection. The behavior is unspecified if this parameter is null.
        defaultClassLoader - The default ClassLoader to be used when deserializing marshalled objects. Can be null, to signify the bootstrap class loader.
        subject - the authenticated subject to be used for authorization. Can be null, to signify that no subject has been authenticated.
        env - the environment containing attributes for the new RMIServerImpl. Can be null, equivalent to an empty map.
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        public String toString()

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