Module java.desktop

Class FileCacheImageInputStream

    • Constructor Detail

      • FileCacheImageInputStream

        public FileCacheImageInputStream​(InputStream stream,
                                         File cacheDir)
                                  throws IOException
        Constructs a FileCacheImageInputStream that will read from a given InputStream.

        A temporary file is used as a cache. If cacheDir is non-null and is a directory, the file will be created there. If it is null, the system-dependent default temporary-file directory will be used (see the documentation for File.createTempFile for details).

        stream - an InputStream to read from.
        cacheDir - a File indicating where the cache file should be created, or null to use the system directory.
        IllegalArgumentException - if stream is null.
        IllegalArgumentException - if cacheDir is non-null but is not a directory.
        IOException - if a cache file cannot be created.