Module java.xml

Class ParserFactory

  • @Deprecated(since="1.5")
    public class ParserFactory
    extends Object
    This class works with the deprecated Parser interface.
    Java-specific class for dynamically loading SAX parsers.
    This module, both source code and documentation, is in the Public Domain, and comes with NO WARRANTY. See for further information.

    Note: This class is designed to work with the now-deprecated SAX1 Parser class. SAX2 applications should use XMLReaderFactory instead.

    ParserFactory is not part of the platform-independent definition of SAX; it is an additional convenience class designed specifically for Java XML application writers. SAX applications can use the static methods in this class to allocate a SAX parser dynamically at run-time based either on the value of the `org.xml.sax.parser' system property or on a string containing the class name.

    Note that the application still requires an XML parser that implements SAX1.

    1.4, SAX 1.0