Class AbstractTypeVisitor7<R,​P>

  • Type Parameters:
    R - the return type of this visitor's methods. Use Void for visitors that do not need to return results.
    P - the type of the additional parameter to this visitor's methods. Use Void for visitors that do not need an additional parameter.
    All Implemented Interfaces:
    Direct Known Subclasses:

    public abstract class AbstractTypeVisitor7<R,​P>
    extends AbstractTypeVisitor6<R,​P>
    A skeletal visitor of types with default behavior appropriate for the RELEASE_7 source version.

    WARNING: The TypeVisitor interface implemented by this class may have methods added to it in the future to accommodate new, currently unknown, language structures added to future versions of the Java™ programming language. Therefore, methods whose names begin with "visit" may be added to this class in the future; to avoid incompatibilities, classes which extend this class should not declare any instance methods with names beginning with "visit".

    When such a new visit method is added, the default implementation in this class will be to call the visitUnknown method. A new abstract type visitor class will also be introduced to correspond to the new language level; this visitor will have different default behavior for the visit method in question. When the new visitor is introduced, all or portions of this visitor may be deprecated.

    See Also:
    AbstractTypeVisitor6, AbstractTypeVisitor8, AbstractTypeVisitor9
    • Constructor Detail

      • AbstractTypeVisitor7

        protected AbstractTypeVisitor7()
        Constructor for concrete subclasses to call.
    • Method Detail

      • visitUnion

        public abstract R visitUnion​(UnionType t,
                                     P p)
        Visits a UnionType in a manner defined by a subclass.
        Specified by:
        visitUnion in interface TypeVisitor<R,​P>
        visitUnion in class AbstractTypeVisitor6<R,​P>
        t - the type to visit
        p - a visitor-specified parameter
        the result of the visit as defined by a subclass