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Class NamedParameterSpec

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    public class NamedParameterSpec
    extends Object
    implements AlgorithmParameterSpec
    This class is used to specify any algorithm parameters that are determined by a standard name. This class also holds constants for standard parameter set names. The names of these constants exactly match the corresponding parameter set name. For example, NamedParameterSpec.X25519 represents the parameter set identified by the string "X25519". These strings are defined in the Java Security Standard Algorithm Names Specification.
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      • NamedParameterSpec

        public NamedParameterSpec​(String stdName)
        Creates a parameter specification using a standard (or predefined) name stdName. For the list of supported names, please consult the documentation of the provider whose implementation will be used.
        stdName - the standard name of the algorithm parameters
        NullPointerException - if stdName is null.
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      • getName

        public String getName()
        Returns the standard name that determines the algorithm parameters.
        the standard name.