Module java.base

Class ModuleReference

  • public abstract class ModuleReference
    extends Object
    A reference to a module's content.

    A module reference is a concrete implementation of this class that implements the abstract methods defined by this class. It contains the module's descriptor and its location, if known. It also has the ability to create a ModuleReader in order to access the module's content, which may be inside the Java run-time system itself or in an artifact such as a modular JAR file.

    See Also:
    ModuleFinder, ModuleReader
    • Constructor Detail

      • ModuleReference

        protected ModuleReference​(ModuleDescriptor descriptor,
                                  URI location)
        Constructs a new instance of this class.
        descriptor - The module descriptor
        location - The module location or null if not known
    • Method Detail

      • descriptor

        public final ModuleDescriptor descriptor()
        Returns the module descriptor.
        The module descriptor
      • location

        public final Optional<URI> location()
        Returns the location of this module's content, if known.

        This URI, when present, can be used as the location value of a CodeSource so that a module's classes can be granted specific permissions when loaded by a SecureClassLoader.

        The location or an empty Optional if not known