Module java.desktop

Class BasicTableHeaderUI

    • Field Detail

      • header

        protected JTableHeader header
        The JTableHeader that is delegating the painting to this UI.
      • rendererPane

        protected CellRendererPane rendererPane
        The instance of CellRendererPane.
      • mouseInputListener

        protected MouseInputListener mouseInputListener
        Listeners that are attached to the JTable
    • Constructor Detail

      • BasicTableHeaderUI

        public BasicTableHeaderUI()
    • Method Detail

      • createMouseInputListener

        protected MouseInputListener createMouseInputListener()
        Creates the mouse listener for the JTableHeader.
        the mouse listener for the JTableHeader
      • createUI

        public static ComponentUI createUI​(JComponent h)
        Returns a new instance of BasicTableHeaderUI.
        h - a component.
        a new instance of BasicTableHeaderUI
      • installDefaults

        protected void installDefaults()
        Initializes JTableHeader properties such as font, foreground, and background. The font, foreground, and background properties are only set if their current value is either null or a UIResource, other properties are set if the current value is null.
        See Also:
      • installListeners

        protected void installListeners()
        Attaches listeners to the JTableHeader.
      • installKeyboardActions

        protected void installKeyboardActions()
        Register all keyboard actions on the JTableHeader.
      • uninstallDefaults

        protected void uninstallDefaults()
        Uninstalls default properties
      • uninstallListeners

        protected void uninstallListeners()
        Unregisters listeners.
      • uninstallKeyboardActions

        protected void uninstallKeyboardActions()
        Unregisters default key actions.
      • getRolloverColumn

        protected int getRolloverColumn()
        Returns the index of the column header over which the mouse currently is. When the mouse is not over the table header, -1 is returned.
        the index of the current rollover column
        See Also:
        rolloverColumnUpdated(int, int)
      • rolloverColumnUpdated

        protected void rolloverColumnUpdated​(int oldColumn,
                                             int newColumn)
        This method gets called every time when a rollover column in the table header is updated. Every look and feel that supports a rollover effect in a table header should override this method and repaint the header.
        oldColumn - the index of the previous rollover column or -1 if the mouse was not over a column
        newColumn - the index of the new rollover column or -1 if the mouse is not over a column
        See Also:
        getRolloverColumn(), JTableHeader.getHeaderRect(int)
      • getPreferredSize

        public Dimension getPreferredSize​(JComponent c)
        Return the preferred size of the header. The preferred height is the maximum of the preferred heights of all of the components provided by the header renderers. The preferred width is the sum of the preferred widths of each column (plus inter-cell spacing).
        getPreferredSize in class ComponentUI
        c - the component whose preferred size is being queried; this argument is often ignored, but might be used if the UI object is stateless and shared by multiple components
        a Dimension object containing given component's preferred size appropriate for the look and feel
        See Also:
        JComponent.getPreferredSize(), LayoutManager.preferredLayoutSize(java.awt.Container)