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class:JList.AccessibleJList [NONE]

constructor:<init>() [NONE]

  • AccessibleJList

    public AccessibleJList()
    Constructs an AccessibleJList.

method:propertyChange(java.beans.PropertyChangeEvent) [NONE]

  • propertyChange

    public void propertyChange​(PropertyChangeEvent e)
    Property Change Listener change method. Used to track changes to the DataModel and ListSelectionModel, in order to re-set listeners to those for reporting changes there via the Accessibility PropertyChange mechanism.
    Specified by:
    propertyChange in interface PropertyChangeListener
    e - PropertyChangeEvent

method:valueChanged(javax.swing.event.ListSelectionEvent) [NONE]

method:intervalAdded(javax.swing.event.ListDataEvent) [NONE]

  • intervalAdded

    public void intervalAdded​(ListDataEvent e)
    List Data Listener interval added method. Used to fire the visible data property change
    Specified by:
    intervalAdded in interface ListDataListener
    e - ListDataEvent

method:intervalRemoved(javax.swing.event.ListDataEvent) [NONE]

  • intervalRemoved

    public void intervalRemoved​(ListDataEvent e)
    List Data Listener interval removed method. Used to fire the visible data property change
    Specified by:
    intervalRemoved in interface ListDataListener
    e - ListDataEvent

method:contentsChanged(javax.swing.event.ListDataEvent) [NONE]

  • contentsChanged

    public void contentsChanged​(ListDataEvent e)
    List Data Listener contents changed method. Used to fire the visible data property change
    Specified by:
    contentsChanged in interface ListDataListener
    e - ListDataEvent

method:getAccessibleStateSet() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleRole() [NONE]

method:getAccessibleAt(java.awt.Point) [NONE]

  • getAccessibleAt

    public Accessible getAccessibleAt​(Point p)
    Returns the Accessible child contained at the local coordinate Point, if one exists. Otherwise returns null.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleAt in interface AccessibleComponent
    getAccessibleAt in class Container.AccessibleAWTContainer
    p - the point defining the top-left corner of the Accessible, given in the coordinate space of the object's parent
    the Accessible at the specified location, if it exists

method:getAccessibleChildrenCount() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleChildrenCount

    public int getAccessibleChildrenCount()
    Returns the number of accessible children in the object. If all of the children of this object implement Accessible, than this method should return the number of children of this object.
    getAccessibleChildrenCount in class JComponent.AccessibleJComponent
    the number of accessible children in the object.

method:getAccessibleChild(int) [NONE]

method:getAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleSelection

    public AccessibleSelection getAccessibleSelection()
    Get the AccessibleSelection associated with this object. In the implementation of the Java Accessibility API for this class, return this object, which is responsible for implementing the AccessibleSelection interface on behalf of itself.
    getAccessibleSelection in class AccessibleContext
    this object
    See Also:

method:getAccessibleSelectionCount() [NONE]

  • getAccessibleSelectionCount

    public int getAccessibleSelectionCount()
    Returns the number of items currently selected. If no items are selected, the return value will be 0.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleSelectionCount in interface AccessibleSelection
    the number of items currently selected.

method:getAccessibleSelection(int) [NONE]

  • getAccessibleSelection

    public Accessible getAccessibleSelection​(int i)
    Returns an Accessible representing the specified selected item in the object. If there isn't a selection, or there are fewer items selected than the integer passed in, the return value will be null.
    Specified by:
    getAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection
    i - the zero-based index of selected items
    an Accessible containing the selected item
    See Also:

method:isAccessibleChildSelected(int) [NONE]

method:addAccessibleSelection(int) [NONE]

  • addAccessibleSelection

    public void addAccessibleSelection​(int i)
    Adds the specified selected item in the object to the object's selection. If the object supports multiple selections, the specified item is added to any existing selection, otherwise it replaces any existing selection in the object. If the specified item is already selected, this method has no effect.
    Specified by:
    addAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection
    i - the zero-based index of selectable items
    See Also:

method:removeAccessibleSelection(int) [NONE]

method:clearAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

  • clearAccessibleSelection

    public void clearAccessibleSelection()
    Clears the selection in the object, so that nothing in the object is selected.
    Specified by:
    clearAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection

method:selectAllAccessibleSelection() [NONE]

  • selectAllAccessibleSelection

    public void selectAllAccessibleSelection()
    Causes every selected item in the object to be selected if the object supports multiple selections.
    Specified by:
    selectAllAccessibleSelection in interface AccessibleSelection

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