Module java.xml

Interface XPathVariableResolver

  • public interface XPathVariableResolver

    XPathVariableResolver provides access to the set of user defined XPath variables.

    The XPathVariableResolver and the XPath evaluator must adhere to a contract that cannot be directly enforced by the API. Although variables may be mutable, that is, an application may wish to evaluate the same XPath expression more than once with different variable values, in the course of evaluating any single XPath expression, a variable's value must not change.

    • Method Detail

      • resolveVariable

        Object resolveVariable​(QName variableName)

        Find a variable in the set of available variables.

        If variableName is null, then a NullPointerException is thrown.

        variableName - The QName of the variable name.
        The variables value, or null if no variable named variableName exists. The value returned must be of a type appropriate for the underlying object model.
        NullPointerException - If variableName is null.