Module java.base

Interface NetworkChannel

    • Method Detail

      • bind

        NetworkChannel bind​(SocketAddress local)
                     throws IOException
        Binds the channel's socket to a local address.

        This method is used to establish an association between the socket and a local address. Once an association is established then the socket remains bound until the channel is closed. If the local parameter has the value null then the socket will be bound to an address that is assigned automatically.

        local - The address to bind the socket, or null to bind the socket to an automatically assigned socket address
        This channel
        AlreadyBoundException - If the socket is already bound
        UnsupportedAddressTypeException - If the type of the given address is not supported
        ClosedChannelException - If the channel is closed
        IOException - If some other I/O error occurs
        SecurityException - If a security manager is installed and it denies an unspecified permission. An implementation of this interface should specify any required permissions.
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      • getLocalAddress

        SocketAddress getLocalAddress()
                               throws IOException
        Returns the socket address that this channel's socket is bound to.

        Where the channel is bound to an Internet Protocol socket address then the return value from this method is of type InetSocketAddress.

        The socket address that the socket is bound to, or null if the channel's socket is not bound
        ClosedChannelException - If the channel is closed
        IOException - If an I/O error occurs
      • supportedOptions

        Set<SocketOption<?>> supportedOptions()
        Returns a set of the socket options supported by this channel.

        This method will continue to return the set of options even after the channel has been closed.

        A set of the socket options supported by this channel