Module java.corba

Class IndirectionException

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    public class IndirectionException
    extends SystemException
    The Indirection exception is a Java specific system exception. It is thrown when the ORB's input stream is called to demarshal a value that is encoded as an indirection that is in the process of being demarshaled. This can occur when the ORB input stream calls the ValueHandler to demarshal an RMI value whose state contains a recursive reference to itself. Because the top-level ValueHandler.read_value() call has not yet returned a value, the ORB input stream's indirection table does not contain an entry for an object with the stream offset specified by the indirection tag. The stream offset is returned in the exception's offset field.
    See Also:
    InputStream, OutputStream
    • Field Detail

      • offset

        public int offset
        Points to the stream's offset.
    • Constructor Detail

      • IndirectionException

        public IndirectionException​(int offset)
        Creates an IndirectionException with the right offset value. The stream offset is returned in the exception's offset field. This exception is constructed and thrown during reading recursively defined values off of a stream.
        offset - the stream offset where recursion is detected.