Module java.corba
Package org.omg.CORBA

Class SystemException

    • Field Detail

      • minor

        public int minor
        The CORBA Exception minor code.
      • completed

        public CompletionStatus completed
        The status of the operation that threw this exception.
    • Constructor Detail

      • SystemException

        protected SystemException​(String reason,
                                  int minor,
                                  CompletionStatus completed)
        Constructs a SystemException exception with the specified detail message, minor code, and completion status. A detail message is a String that describes this particular exception.
        reason - the String containing a detail message
        minor - the minor code
        completed - the completion status
    • Method Detail

      • toString

        public String toString()
        Converts this exception to a representative string.
        toString in class Throwable
        a string representation of this throwable.