Class HttpContext

  • public abstract class HttpContext
    extends Object
    HttpContext represents a mapping between the root URI path of a web service to a HttpHandler which is invoked to handle requests destined for that path on the associated container.

    Container provides the implementation for this and it matches web service requests to corresponding HttpContext objects.

    1.7, JAX-WS 2.2
    • Field Detail

      • handler

        protected HttpHandler handler
        The handler to set for this context.
    • Constructor Detail

      • HttpContext

        public HttpContext()
    • Method Detail

      • setHandler

        public void setHandler​(HttpHandler handler)
        JAX-WS runtime sets its handler during Endpoint.publish(HttpContext) to handle HTTP requests for this context. Container or its extensions use this handler to process the requests.
        handler - the handler to set for this context
      • getPath

        public abstract String getPath()
        Returns the path for this context. This path uniquely identifies an endpoint inside an application and the path is relative to application's context path. Container should give this path based on how it matches request URIs to this HttpContext object.

        For servlet container, this is typically a url-pattern for an endpoint.

        Endpoint's address for this context can be computed as follows:

          HttpExchange exch = ...;
          String endpointAddress =
              exch.getScheme() + "://"
              + exch.getLocalAddress().getHostName()
              + ":" + exch.getLocalAddress().getPort()
              + exch.getContextPath() + getPath();
        this context's path
      • getAttribute

        public abstract Object getAttribute​(String name)
        Returns an attribute value for container's configuration and other data that can be used by jax-ws runtime.
        name - attribute name
        attribute value
      • getAttributeNames

        public abstract Set<String> getAttributeNames()
        Returns all attribute names for container's configuration and other data that can be used by jax-ws runtime.
        set of all attribute names