Module java.corba

Interface ValueHandler

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    public interface ValueHandler
    Defines methods which allow serialization of Java objects to and from GIOP streams.
    • Method Detail

      • writeValue

        void writeValue​(OutputStream out,
                        Serializable value)
        Writes a value to the stream using Java semantics.
        out - the stream to write the value to.
        value - the value to be written to the stream.
      • readValue

        Serializable readValue​(InputStream in,
                               int offset,
                               Class clz,
                               String repositoryID,
                               RunTime sender)
        Reads a value from the stream using Java semantics.
        in - the stream to read the value from.
        offset - the current position in the input stream.
        clz - the type of the value to be read in.
        repositoryID - the RepositoryId of the value to be read in.
        sender - the sending context runtime codebase.
        the value read from the stream.
      • getRMIRepositoryID

        String getRMIRepositoryID​(Class clz)
        Returns the CORBA RepositoryId for the given Java class.
        clz - a Java class.
        the CORBA RepositoryId for the class.
      • isCustomMarshaled

        boolean isCustomMarshaled​(Class clz)
        Indicates whether the given class performs custom or default marshaling.
        clz - the class to test for custom marshaling.
        true if the class performs custom marshaling, false if it does not.
      • getRunTimeCodeBase

        RunTime getRunTimeCodeBase()
        Returns the CodeBase for this ValueHandler. This is used by the ORB runtime. The server sends the service context containing the IOR for this CodeBase on the first GIOP reply. The client does the same on the first GIOP request.
        the SendingContext.CodeBase of this ValueHandler.
      • writeReplace

        Serializable writeReplace​(Serializable value)
        If the value contains a writeReplace method then the result is returned. Otherwise, the value itself is returned.
        value - the value to be marshaled.
        the true value to marshal on the wire.