Module java.naming

Class SortResponseControl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    Serializable, Control

    public final class SortResponseControl
    extends BasicControl
    Indicates whether the requested sort of search results was successful or not. When the result code indicates success then the results have been sorted as requested. Otherwise the sort was unsuccessful and additional details regarding the cause of the error may have been provided by the server.

    The code sample in SortControl shows how this class may be used.

    This class implements the LDAPv3 Response Control for server-side sorting as defined in RFC 2891. The control's value has the following ASN.1 definition:

         SortResult ::= SEQUENCE {
            sortResult  ENUMERATED {
                success                   (0), -- results are sorted
                operationsError           (1), -- server internal failure
                timeLimitExceeded         (3), -- timelimit reached before
                                               -- sorting was completed
                strongAuthRequired        (8), -- refused to return sorted
                                               -- results via insecure
                                               -- protocol
                adminLimitExceeded       (11), -- too many matching entries
                                               -- for the server to sort
                noSuchAttribute          (16), -- unrecognized attribute
                                               -- type in sort key
                inappropriateMatching    (18), -- unrecognized or inappro-
                                               -- priate matching rule in
                                               -- sort key
                insufficientAccessRights (50), -- refused to return sorted
                                               -- results to this client
                busy                     (51), -- too busy to process
                unwillingToPerform       (53), -- unable to sort
                other                    (80)
          attributeType [0] AttributeType OPTIONAL }
    See Also:
    SortControl, Serialized Form
    • Field Detail

      • OID

        public static final String OID
        The server-side sort response control's assigned object identifier is 1.2.840.113556.1.4.474.
        See Also:
        Constant Field Values
    • Constructor Detail

      • SortResponseControl

        public SortResponseControl​(String id,
                                   boolean criticality,
                                   byte[] value)
                            throws IOException
        Constructs a control to indicate the outcome of a sort request.
        id - The control's object identifier string.
        criticality - The control's criticality.
        value - The control's ASN.1 BER encoded value. It is not cloned - any changes to value will affect the contents of the control.
        IOException - if an error is encountered while decoding the control's value.
    • Method Detail

      • isSorted

        public boolean isSorted()
        Determines if the search results have been successfully sorted. If an error occurred during sorting a NamingException is thrown.
        true if the search results have been sorted.
      • getResultCode

        public int getResultCode()
        Retrieves the LDAP result code of the sort operation.
        The result code. A zero value indicates success.
      • getAttributeID

        public String getAttributeID()
        Retrieves the ID of the attribute that caused the sort to fail. Returns null if no ID was returned by the server.
        The possibly null ID of the bad attribute.
      • getException

        public NamingException getException()
        Retrieves the NamingException appropriate for the result code.
        A NamingException or null if the result code indicates success.