Class TimerNotification

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    public class TimerNotification
    extends Notification
    This class provides definitions of the notifications sent by timer MBeans.
    It defines a timer notification identifier which allows to retrieve a timer notification from the list of notifications of a timer MBean.

    The timer notifications are created and handled by the timer MBean.

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    • Constructor Detail

      • TimerNotification

        public TimerNotification​(String type,
                                 Object source,
                                 long sequenceNumber,
                                 long timeStamp,
                                 String msg,
                                 Integer id)
        Creates a timer notification object.
        type - The notification type.
        source - The notification producer.
        sequenceNumber - The notification sequence number within the source object.
        timeStamp - The notification emission date.
        msg - The notification message.
        id - The notification identifier.
    • Method Detail

      • getNotificationID

        public Integer getNotificationID()
        Gets the identifier of this timer notification.
        The identifier.